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Documentary Historical Projects in Houston

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Archivists of the Houston Area

exists to increase contact and communication between archivists and those working with records, to provide opportunities for professional development, and to promote archival repositories and activities in the greater Houston, Texas area.



Documentary Alliance

Houston-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating the cultural amnesia that is robbing Americans of the valuable lessons of the past. We do this by using film, video and multimedia to fashion thoughtful and thought provoking stories about history, culture, and science.



Houston Arts and MediaNon-profit 501(c)(3) corporation organized in the State of Texas for the purpose of producing educational and historical film, video and books. Underway is a project called the Houston Neighborhood Series. It will be a series of at least 20 books, each of which will focus on the history of a particular area of Houston. There will be a volume on the Montrose – Fourth Ward area. I think we should look into who they are consulting with on this.



Houston Film Commission




Houston History Project

U of H Center for Public History. Includes an Oral History program.



Houston Videographers Association

Meetings are held at 2617 Bissonnet the second Wednesday.




Southwest Alternate Media Project

"Incorporated as a non-profit media arts center in 1977, SWAMP promotes film, video and new media through education, information and presentation activities for all ages." Possible source for editors, etc.




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