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Oral History Links

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 Oral histories should be not be collecting what is already known but information and observations that cannot be found elsewhere. In addition to the sources on equipment and methods listed below your best tool, as an oral historian, is a thorough knowledge of the subject you are approaching. Find all the published sources you can that will tell you more about the person you are going to interview and about what was going on at the time.


Audio Field Recording Equipment Guide

Vermont Folklife Center, frequently updated


Baylor University's Oral History Online Workshop


Capturing the Living Past: An Oral History Primer 

Developed by Barbara Sommer and Mary Kay Quinlan for the Nebraska State Historical Society


Express-scribe Transcription software

Express Scribe is a completely free program that is one component of a digital dictation and transcription suite.


Glossary of CD/DVD Terms 


Holy Grail of Digital Recording

Ryan Robbins, Media Specialist talks about digital recorders


History of Sound Recording Technology 


Media Formats and Resources

Richard Hess site. Demystifies recording formats.


Oral History Assocation


Oral History in the Digital Age


Oral History Tutorial

Michigan State University tutorial intended to assist researchers in implementing several important aspects of audio technology in the field, studio, and research lab.


Southern Oral History Program

SOHP's how-to guide


Start-stop dictation and transcription system

Software for transcribing from digital files

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